NaceCare™ George GVE370 Carpet Spotter w/A42 Kit


  • Powerful 1.3 HP vacuum motor with 2 year warranty providing excellent water recovery. Motor provides 100" waterlift and 95 CFM of airflow. 120V, 60 Hz.
  • Solution/Recovery tanks: 1.6 Gal./1.6 Gal.
  • Cleaning width: 4"/10.5"; Flow rate: 0.3 GPM; Hose: 10'
  • Vac motor: 1000W, 1.3 HP, 2-stage; Power cord: 42'
1.6 Gal., w/A42 Kit, EA
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Features a 30 PSI pump providing enough power without injecting water too far in the fabric. Handy carrying handle for dumping. Ball float wet shut-off assembly ensures water does not reach the motor. Polypropylene tanks for maximum durability and mobility. Ideal for spotting, upholstery cleaning and vehicle detailing. Includes 10' hose and 4" hand tool.